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Automatic Folder Gluer

Automatic Folder Gluer

Product descriptionPaper feeding◎Suction paper feeding straightly.◎Height of back gauge paper supporting is adjustable,and can adapt to the curved board.Gluing◎Glue box elastically floats to fit the g

Product details

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Product description
Paper feeding
◎Suction paper feeding straightly.
◎Height of back gauge paper supporting is adjustable,and can adapt to the curved board.
◎Glue box elastically floats to fit the glue wheel without leakage.
◎It selects and uses  imported qualified pump and is durable.
◎Optional to use heat insulation glue barrel to keep the best operating temperature,and it works at any time even in winter.
◎Convenient to adjust guide bar of paper folding to reduce time while changing.
◎Folding arm underneath is rigid,which will not induce jitter when hardboard passes.
◎Bottom folding belt on both sides adopts stepless speed regulation,which can reduce    fishtail.
◎Right angle correction function to improve the precision of sticking box.
◎Strengthening the function of indentation.
Sorting out
◎Long time for sorting out is favorable to improve precision for box sticking.
◎Delivering paper from the the bottom is stable and not easy to break down. 
The whole machine
◎It adopts Siemens PLC programmable control and can adjust automatically in accordance with order parameter input.
◎Bottom folding is convenient to adjust and change fast.
◎Adopted qualified imported belt make it stable and durable.
Technical data
Model QZ920A
Max. speed of  driving belt 120m/min
Min. workable carton    size 260mm*720mm
Workable paperboard  thickness 2-8mm A/B/C/AB/AC
Workable carton type Min. 260mm*720mm  Max. 900mm*2040mm
Storable order no. 500
Stacking no. 5,10,15,20,25,30
Main saw blade speed 6000 r/min
Gross power 17kW
Weight 9.6 ton
Overall dimension 12m*3.5m*2.1m
Service environment Temperature 0-40  degree,humidity 30%-90%RH
Altitude Less than 1000m
Air source 0.7-0.9Mpa,not less than 0.5m^3/min
Glue for folder  gluer white emulsion(vinyl acetate emulsion) recommended
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